KCCO/Yarn Along {Table Runner and a New Life for a Hat}

DSCN9435My Grandmother sent up this fabric and for some reason I envisioned it as a table runner so that’s what we did, my helpers and I.


DSCN9436It went together fairly quickly so we did a little work on what will one day be my new quilt. While we were digging through the fabrics we came across a hat I had knit a while back for the boys. Can you believe that’s Ezra?!

100_0084The hat brim had torn through and it needed a new life. So we fixed it:

DSCN9474DSCN9466A table runner, a “new” hat and two helpers who thought it was fun – definitely a good winter day!


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We’re Here!

We’re here! On our new farm!

Ah Vermont, I had forgotten how much I love your green mountains!

View from the back porch

So what’s going on now that we’re here? Well if you pulled into our driveway (you can’t miss it just look for the HUGE old barn) you’d likely be greeted by a child (or two or three) and a dog coming to see if you’ve got anything good. The goats are ever hopeful too.

Ms Ellie

The boys will excitedly tell you (after showing you how fast they can run/ far they can jump etc.) that we have a new baby goat. Our new farm’s first birth! So, of course we’ll have to show you just how cute he his and give them all a few handfuls of freshly picked grass to munch on.

One day old.

Then the boys will want you to admire the Freds. They certainly have grown a lot. All of our chickens, despite the fact they are ALL hens, are named Fred. The older two boys will likely catch a Fred (or at least chase the Freds around) which take us back out toward the hayfield.

The hayfield will lead a)to an invitation to play soccer, b)an invitation to check out the chicken campa, c) an invitation to make the rounds and check on all the apple trees and pick some blackberries and/or d) let’s chase some turkeys.

It’s sure to be a long busy day but at the end of it – it’s good to be home.


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While We Were Out

As you might have noticed I’ve been away from this space for a while. We were staying over by this guy: the beloved spiky dinosaursous! 

While we had electricity and running water there was no internet; it was nice. The boys spent a lot of time looking at books, running around and building block cities: 

We also had a great vantage point to watch the small airplanes take off, land, and tow up gliders.  And, if you were up early enough, to see the process of filling up a hot air balloon and watching it take off. I’d say the boys had a lot of fun.
It was an odd in-between time but….Now we are HERE! And we’re just getting started….


Plans Plans

I meant to share this sooner but life has been so hectic I haven’t had a moment to sit down in front of a computer…..we’re moving to Vermont! Or I should say we’ve moved to Vermont. I just spent the last week packing up the house, animals etc. We’re still looking for our land but luckily struggling_along’s folks live in Vermont and they’re close to struggling_along’s new job and the area where we’re farm hunting and they’re letting us stay with them. So while some of our plans have fallen through things are also working out.  Hectic but exciting times!

Now that I’m not in the mist of packing I hope to get a few posts in here and there-although I’m not sure how regular they’ll be- there’s still a lot going on! Hopefully soon we’ll be starting our new homestead and I can share our plans and progress there.And boy do I have plans!