Pick Your Own

The start of apple season is here! We have several old apple trees up along the stone wall. They’re in need of a pruning (something I need to look into) but, at least one of them has quite a few apples on it.  The best apples are way up high. If only we could reach them! For now the boys enjoy climbing up and grabbing the not quite so high bounty.

DSCN7622 DSCN7623 DSCN7626 DSCN7632I’ve always loved picking apples. These days I’m a bit more tied to the ground with a baby and all. Ezra become quite the tree climber this year. Noah is a bit more confident and can help Ezra figure out how to get down when he (now rarely) gets stuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ishi was up there with them next year!


When Goats Eat Your Trees

Two things you should know about goats: 1) if there’s a way to get out they’ll find it and 2) once they’re out they will eat kill your trees. This is true any time of year but especially so during the winter when the snow pack renders the fence about 1 foot high and trees are the only thing available to eat. Besides the ample, but less desirable, hay in their barn.

The goats sampled many trees this winter. One of them was our lilac tree. All it took was 5 seconds and they had killed it. I have a faint hope that maybe a shoot or two that was buried deep beneath the snow will survive and grow. The outlook is pretty grim.

Anyways, I have a few ideas to put the wood to use. One of them was to whittle a crochet hook. It’s actually really easy. I haven’t sanded it yet but it works just fine.


The branch I started with:


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Over the Holidays

Life has been keeping us busy! Between the prerequisite holiday fun – as evidenced below – we’ve been dealing with those little curve balls life throws at you: frozen water pipes (why do toilets require so much water!?), 13 inches of new snow, emergency doctor visits, a plow truck needing repair… you know all those things that suck up the resources of time and money. Yet in spite of the unexpected distractions the new year seems to be off to a good start. So enough with the gloom. Let’s look at the smiling faces and some of the good times we’ve been having below!

DSCN8502The holidays always require cookies!

DSCN8434 DSCN8433 DSCN8431And a trip to get a tree to decorate!

DSCN8500 DSCN8506And, of course, some sledding.

DSCN8532There were a few other fun creations going on in the kitchen too but I’ll save those for another post 😉