A Tractor!

At long last we have a tractor!

DSCN3043DSCN3060DSCN3065Usually tractors in our price range don’t run and/or have multiple things wrong with them but this time we got lucky. A neighbor, who is also a mechanic, has been working on this tractor for some time and, while it is rusty, it runs like a top! Everything works i.e. the PTO, lift arms etc and it has a trailer and chains for the tires . All we need to do is to fix the headlights and get the right lift arms so we’ll have a bucket up front.

DSCN3058Struggling_along also got a great deal on a slightly used ATV.  The boys LOVE it.

DSCN3021Suddenly getting around the property doesn’t mean a long walk with the wheel barrow in the summer or the sled if it’s winter. We have a lot of plans that will now be possible (and a lot easier) with a little mechanical help. We’re all quite excited!