In the Kitchen:: Let Sit

I thought I’d share what’s in the jars this week:

First an update photo: Here’s the Apple Cider Vinegar with a new mother starting to grow. This is about 3 days in. The old mother drifted off to the bottom this time (although it has since floated back up to the top).

And here’s this week’s collection- fermenting meyer lemons (are meyer lemons really that much different better than regular lemons? Yes!), ACV, and, in the front, dairy wise we’ve got kefir, sour cream, buttermilk, and buttermilk starter.

See that crack starting there? With the whey starting to separate? That’s how I know when the kefir is ready.

Also sitting in the kitchen- a new batch of vanilla extract. These were some fresh vanilla beans- so soft, fragrant and easy to scrape.

Now we just let them sit.




It’s been an unplanned, but very enjoyable, hiatus from the internet and computers due to computer problems. They have been resolved and so I’m back! Hopefully I can share a post or two with you this week. At the moment we are butchering our pigs so I must get back to cutting and wrapping.

In the meantime a sneak peek at an upcoming chicken recipe using fermented lemons: