Sourdough Starter- Rehydrating – Part 1

This summer got too hot to use the stove unless absolutely necessary. I didn’t even think about turning on the oven. And so my sourdough starter sat in the fridge till finally it was just so old I had to throw it out. Now that the cooler weather has returned I’m feeling thankful I dehydrated some starter back when it was plentiful.


Here it is broken up.¬† There’s about a cupful. You can start with less. I just used half of what I had dried.

I added warm water and let soften.


After several hours I stirred in some flour to thicken/feed it. There’s no need to wait hours, I was just busy doing other stuff.

Stir to thicken

Now I’ll let it sit till I see some activity or for about 12 hours (whichever comes first) and then I’ll feed it.

I use whole wheat flour that I grind but store flour will work just as well- although the amount of water added will change.

I will post Part Two and a post about which grain mill I have/how I grind my grains soon.


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