Our to do list is growing nearly as fast as the grass is around here. We’re crossing off tasks left and right but there’s a lot to be done!  Homeschooling for the year is wrapping up, gardens are going in (and that means weeding gets tacked on the list), then there’s hoof and scur trimming, fences to be built or repaired, pens need to be cleaned out after a long winter etc etc. Yet, I think house renovations top the list. Struggling_along, in particular, has spent many many hours, elbows deep, demolishing, cleaning out and rebuilding everything from the crawl space to the roof.  A lot is still in progress but the roof is done. It looks great and best of all- it doesn’t leak!

In progress…


And done!



Plans Plans

I meant to share this sooner but life has been so hectic I haven’t had a moment to sit down in front of a computer…..we’re moving to Vermont! Or I should say we’ve moved to Vermont. I just spent the last week packing up the house, animals etc. We’re still looking for our land but luckily struggling_along’s folks live in Vermont and they’re close to struggling_along’s new job and the area where we’re farm hunting and they’re letting us stay with them. So while some of our plans have fallen through things are also working out.  Hectic but exciting times!

Now that I’m not in the mist of packing I hope to get a few posts in here and there-although I’m not sure how regular they’ll be- there’s still a lot going on! Hopefully soon we’ll be starting our new homestead and I can share our plans and progress there.And boy do I have plans!