Somehow I find myself working on not just one rug, but two! Maybe the cold, which seeps in through any crack it can find, is inspiring me to add layers to the floors. It has been extremely cold this year; I can’t remember the last time is was above freezing!

The first rug you might recognize. I began crocheting this rug a while back but I decided to pull it out and restart it in more of an oval shape than a circle using the new crotch hook I carved a few months back. When I get a little further along I’ll be sure to update the photo, here’s how it was…look at all that green grass!

crochet rug

The second rug is a pom-pom rug. Consisting of a ton of pom-poms, sewn to a rug backing, it looks rather like a shag rug. I have a LOT of pom-poms to go but they are easy to make.


A handful of pom-poms.