The barn has been down for some time now; finally I present the finished results.

But first, here is the Parker Dexter barn before:

barn outside 2And after:


DSCN2473DSCN2481DSCN2474Just a cement slab, the goat barn, and a huge burn pile (of unsalvageable material) is left.

DSCN2484Now the work of residing the house begins. Summer is always a busy time and we have a LOT of projects going on. This recent hiatus has been due to computer troubles, which are hopefully behind us, so farm/ family updates and new posts should be resuming as usual.


While We Were Out

As you might have noticed I’ve been away from this space for a while. We were staying over by this guy: the beloved spiky dinosaursous! 

While we had electricity and running water there was no internet; it was nice. The boys spent a lot of time looking at books, running around and building block cities: 

We also had a great vantage point to watch the small airplanes take off, land, and tow up gliders.  And, if you were up early enough, to see the process of filling up a hot air balloon and watching it take off. I’d say the boys had a lot of fun.
It was an odd in-between time but….Now we are HERE! And we’re just getting started….