Probiotics:: Chips and Dip

When I hear “probiotics” the first food I think of is yogurt. While it’s probably the most widely available it’s in no way the only probiotic food out there. Indeed, with the right ingredients the sky is the limit.

My favorite way(s) to add probiotics to my diet is through cultured dairy (yogurt, buttermilk, sour cream,butter, cheese, kefir….) and probiotic laced condiments (salsa, guacamole,mayo…). How convenient then that by saving the whey from the cultured dairy- or using some preserved lemon juice– you can make you own cultured condiments. For instance take guacamole- simply mash the avocado with a small amount of whey or preserved lemon juice (adding whatever other flavorings you’d like) and eat -or let sit at room temp for a few hours to let the cultures have time to multiply. That’s it.

Recently I experimented with making my own corn tortillas from masa harina. They were tasty- but not very pretty. I took the left over tortillas, ripped them into “chips” and fried them in leftover bacon drippings- oh so good!

For a snack I put together some guacamole (using the preserved lemon juice method above), a little sour cream, and salsa. To culture the salsa I drained a little juice off and replaced it with some whey.

Delicious, filling and full of probiotics!