Quick ‘n Easy

We’ve been working on a few small projects. First, I experimented with a quick no sew pillow cover. Basically, you wrap the pillow rather like you would a present and seal the edge along the back with liquid stitch. I wasn’t sure how it would hold but, after a week of hard abuse by the kids it’s still holding up. Success!


The kids, especially Ezra, are big into patterns right now. When I happened to dig out the ol’ klutz loom and loops they dove in experimenting with making chains, necklaces for their friends, and, of course, hot pads for us to use while camping.



 DSCN9546Another recent quick project was a poncho for Noah. Since it’s made of fleece it doesn’t need to be sewn. We measured his arm span and cut out a square (in this case 37.5 by 37.5), then fold it in half (so it looks like a triangle) and cut out a half circle about 5 inches wide in the middle (we traced an upside-down bowl). He didn’t want frilly edges so that was it- done!


Looks like it’s about time to make dandelion jelly! Visit this previous post to see how- Foraging Blossom Jelly.


And just because….


Sour Dough Part 2 Action!

In Sourdough, Part 1- Rehydration I added water to the dehydrated sourdough starter, softened it; added some whole grain fresh ground flour to feed it and get it going. Twelve hours later there wasn’t much sign of life. Just a few bubbles but otherwise flat and lifeless. But no worries.

After 12 hours

I fed it. I don’t really measure. I just go by thickness not too watery but not so thick it’s doughy. Fresh ground flour also seems to absorb water differently than refined store flour so I take that into consideration too. Stir well and try to incorporate some air.

After feeding

Now let sit. Oh I don’t think I mentioned this last time but when I use a jar I cover the jar with a piece of cloth held down by the screw band. This way it breathes and no bugs get in. Otherwise be sure to burp the jar.

Like this

This time there’s some Action! Yay!

Action! Note the bubbles of the raise.
View from the top. Starter has doubled in height.

Stir the starter down and either get rid of half and feed it in jar or transfer the starter to another larger container than will contain the starter once doubled again. Otherwise it WILL overflow. You might also notice that if you use whole grain ground flour the starter looks a bit different now. Less grainy and pasty. More smooth, doughy and there is definitely that sourdough smell.

Starter ready for another feeding before first use.

Now it sits. Time to start thinking about what kind of sourdough goodie to make first.  A loaf? Some pancakes? A batch of crackers?

Time to get a batch of cultured butter started.


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