More Time In Tents

Here are a few photos from our last two camp outs, which were both back in July. I also forgot to mention that some of the photos (from these recent camping trips) were taken by struggling_along, including these gorgeous ones from up top the nearby mountains, and of course, the ones with me in them!

More recently we have been working on the home front so expect a post on the garden, the animals, etc. soon.


Camping & Swimming

We’ve been enjoying the outdoors while it’s not snowing. Camping out here and there and cooling off at our new favorite swimming hole. The work and play of Summer doesn’t leave much time for crafting, never mind keeping up with posting here on Mossgrownstone.  Stick with me tho, I’ll try to post as often as I can and, if there is anything you’d like to hear, or see, more of – just mention it in the comments.




It’s a boys’ life


Sometimes you just have to stop and have some fun!

Struggling_along picked up some model rockets and boy, are they a blast! The boys love every bit of it, from setting it up to retrieval. To top it off the boys were elated to go camping out for the weekend; even little Ishmael spent a whole night out in the tent. We also had a fantastic cook out: steak, salad from the garden, and of course the traditional hot dogs and marshmallows (or s’mores) for those who wanted them.





Summer, just the way it should be.