Butter-and-Eggs, also known as Yellow Toadflax,  is a common “weed”; often found along the side of the road. The cheery flower, similar to that of  snapdragons, are a rich yellow accented with an orange spot.

     Yellow Toadflax also known as Butter-and-Eggs  (Photo by Phil Lucas  )

The boys and I have been taking nature walks collecting plants and leaves for closer study and identification. We often have a little fun exploring common names and speculating on how it came to be. The first time Noah (our first born) saw an Orange Hawkweed in bloom he said “look! a paintbrush!”.  Lo and behold a common name for the Orange Hawkweed is Orange Paintbrush!

      Orange Hawkweed or Orange Paintbrush (Photo from flicker)

The name butter-and-eggs struck me because while it should be obvious that the yellow is the butter and orange the yolk I bet a lot of kids would ask “why is it orange?”. These days butter is white and yolks are yellow.

One of Our Free Range Eggs. I wanted to show a side by side comparison but I don’t have any store ones to show you right now.

Free-ranged birds are not only healthier than factory farmed supermarket producers but also also produce healthier eggs. Testing done by Mother Earth News  has shown that eggs from pastured birds contain 1/3 the cholesterol, 1/4 saturated fat, almost 3xs the vitamin E, 2xs the omega-3s, 4-6xs the vitamin D and7xs the beta-carotene as the USDA’s standard data does. The higher level of carotenoids are what give the yolks their deep orange color.

Support your local farmer and buy free ranged eggs- it’s better for everyone. (Or try your hand and raise a few chickens yourself- you’ll be glad you did).

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