Spiders, bats, ghosts and witches!

My boys had a lot of fun with Halloween. One post just didn’t do it justice. 🙂

So here are a few more things we did:

Spooky houses have to have spiders and webs.

and ghosts too.

The ghost is a piece of cheesecloth stiffened and dried then hung with string.

Space Ghoooost!

 While Noah carved his pumpkin, Ezra picked out this squash and struggling_along drew on Space Ghost for him. A huge hit!

Potato Stamp Skulls

We made some potato stamps. This is the skull one. These worked out well. The paint is just water colors. The down side is that the potato ages quickly and then you have to make a new one. You can add a day or two of use if you store it in the fridge.

Of course we had to read some Halloween theme books. I’ll just share a few favorites.

Do you dare?

A classic Berenstain Bears.

Witches having fun.

A Woggle of Witches as well as A Halloween Happening (also by Adrienne Adams) keeps Halloween and witches playful and friendly.

All about bats

A Read and Learn book with lots of facts about bats. (Thanks Kerri) This lead us to some youtube videos about bats, owls and even spider hunting. I learned a few things too.


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