I’m Mossy_stone. Wife of struggling_along and Mama to Noah, Ezra, and Ishmael. We recently moved to Vermont from Downeast Maine. I’m excited to share life on our new farm with you. In this space I’ll also be sharing some of my projects and interests such as cooking real foods, knitting & sewing, sustainable living, exploring the world with my kids and generally trying to live the good life.



7 thoughts on “About

      • hey its daniel, diggin the lifestyle as i prefer it too, a little more ocean oriented though but i love all it has to offer. if your ever in texas come to rockport. id love to see you again, and meet your family.

        • Hey Daniel great to hear from you! I was wondering how you all are doing/ what you’re up to. One thing I miss about living on the coast of Maine is the ocean (and all the fresh seafood). My husband spent the last 3 years working out on the salmon farms up there. I’m a bit more tied to the land myself and can’t wait till we have our own land again and can get going on that. Keep me posted on what you’re up to!

  1. I am so excited about this blog! I found this while trying to to find instructions for brewing my own home made apple cider vinegar and making kombucha. You have so many great recipes! Thanks a lot!!!

  2. LOVE your hair! I tried a half head of dreads once (some normal hair on top) and it all turned out to be a giant mess. All the dreads eating up non-dreaded hair on a daily basis. Aghh so much work. Looks beautiful on you though 🙂

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