Pig Yard

DSCN9521Struggling_along built the piggies a new home and fenced them in a nice outdoor area. Rio and Tokyo love it! The kids love it too. They’re scheming to turn it into a playhouse some day.

IMG_1178 IMG_1174 DSCN9629





DSCN9651 w


6 thoughts on “Pig Yard

    • No electric, just a fence works fine till they get big enough to bust through. We’ve only done electric once, for our 500lb+ boar who kept busting through our old pallet and chain link fence at will. We nail the fence to the posts and secure with wire around each post just to be sure. They don’t really test the fence but if they do happen to find a weak point they’ll keep going back. Another cause of an ounce of prevention being worth a pound of cure.

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