Venison Tacos {Neck Roast} 

 What to do with a venison neck roast?

We found ourselves asking just that recently. Since roasts are always best fork tender I decided to use the pressure cooker to cook the venison; then shred and season the meat for tacos. Neck roasts are a great choice for shredding because the grain of the meat naturally runs through the thickness of the roast (as does beef tongue, if you’re looking to be a bit more adventurous). An oven or slow cooker will work just as well, but it will take far longer.


This roast was still a little frozen but the pressure cooker can handle that.  After browning I added a sliced onion and, for this recipe, I added beer to flavor the roast as it cooks. Normally I use broth and you can, with equally delicious results, if you’d prefer not to use beer.

IMG_0422IMG_0430Now here’s the most important bit- cook until fork tender (in other words cook until you can easily push a fork into the roast. Even in the pressure cooker this took over an hour, if you opt for the slow-cooker or oven it will take all day.



Let the roast cool enough to handle. Then using two forks shred the venison, pulled pork style. Once shredded add taco seasoning to taste. If your roast is large enough remove  a portion of the shredded meat before seasoning and add barbecue sauce to that bit. It freezes well too.

Now make your self some tacos!

(Leaf lettuce works great for rolling up grain free tacos too).


Megan loves tacos too!



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