I’m counting down the days ’till we bring home our flock. We have found a  breeder of Coopworth sheep, conveniently near us. Shearing day is soon, followed by lambing, and then, after the lambs are old enough to wean (around 60 days) we’ll be bringing our small flock home.

The farm was kind enough to have us all over to meet their sheep and answer our (many) questions.  Struggling_along managed to snap some photos and carry Molly around while I got a bit more hands on with the ewes, and Ezra made fast friends with their dog.

IMG_0395 IMG_0402IMG_0404mossy_stone

3 thoughts on “Sheep

    • Well, we want sheep mainly for fiber, but we also want a breed that is reasonable to put in the freezer (so grows fast), and we want a breed that does well in our area (where it can get quite cold during the winter). Plus, struggling_along had a particular look he wanted the sheep to have…. so we agreed on Coopworth. Coopworths are also known for their ease in lambing and are actively being preserved and improved as a breed through the American Coopworth Registry :

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