I’m counting down the days ’till we bring home our flock. We have found a  breeder of Coopworth sheep, conveniently near us. Shearing day is soon, followed by lambing, and then, after the lambs are old enough to wean (around 60 days) we’ll be bringing our small flock home.

The farm was kind enough to have us all over to meet their sheep and answer our (many) questions.  Struggling_along managed to snap some photos and carry Molly around while I got a bit more hands on with the ewes, and Ezra made fast friends with their dog.

IMG_0395 IMG_0402IMG_0404mossy_stone


Somehow I find myself working on not just one rug, but two! Maybe the cold, which seeps in through any crack it can find, is inspiring me to add layers to the floors. It has been extremely cold this year; I can’t remember the last time is was above freezing!

The first rug you might recognize. I began crocheting this rug a while back but I decided to pull it out and restart it in more of an oval shape than a circle using the new crotch hook I carved a few months back. When I get a little further along I’ll be sure to update the photo, here’s how it was…look at all that green grass!

crochet rug

The second rug is a pom-pom rug. Consisting of a ton of pom-poms, sewn to a rug backing, it looks rather like a shag rug. I have a LOT of pom-poms to go but they are easy to make.


A handful of pom-poms.


Molly’s Poncho Continues


It’s more purple than it looks here.

 This is just one of those projects that stretches on and on. Four months, it’s been! I was thinking I’d be done in a month but life has been full of activity; it’s hard to knit when your hands are full. I’m onto the back now. Once the front and back are the same length I’ll pick up stitches around the edge and add-on a trim and then the hood is picked up and knit around the neckline. Add a few buttons under the arms and…voilà, it’ll be done.
I do like the visual effect of the pattern. It’s a 24 row repeat and now that I’m “in the pattern” it’s easy enough to figure out where I am and which row I’m on. This is actually speeding things up a bit since I don’t have to spend 5 minutes just figuring out where I am when all I have is 5 minutes. Good thing I started it with spring in mind!