Happy & Sad

Molly Stark is one!


She’s climbing, walking and already trying to do whatever her older brothers are doing. Her first word was cat (a whole lot like Noah’ first word: hat) which is fitting because she just loves the cats.

I made her a knitted birthday crown but, being similar to a hat, she swipes it off her head before I can take a photo. I made it a tad large so she can wear it next year when she’ll be a bit more into birthdays and wearing birthday crowns.


Noah made sure it was wearable.


Now for the sad bit. Sasquatch, that “little” black puppy we kept out of Megan’s litter last year, was hit by a car. While he had his mischievous moments, like any puppy, he was a true buddy. He is greatly missed.



Crafting with Kids

Kids love to make stuff.

Provide some materials, heck let them find their own materials, and all sorts of creations will appear. The creative process is a personal one so I try to leave what they create and how up to them. We have basic craft supplies on hand with occasional special material (for as long as they last). Simple materials have the potential to become anything. Take paper for an example:  sketch or paint on it;  fold a sheet of paper into a plane, a sun catcher, origami figures; cut them into snowflakes, paper doll chains; coat strips into paper mache. Sculp with clay, scented play dough or why not fondant for a change of pace?!  Whittle away at a piece of wood or nail them together. There are tons of materials I didn’t even mention too!

Kids crafts are simple so that they are within their abilities while providing a chance at mastery, an opportunity to be in control and have fun. No wonder art is often used in therapy! Join them creating something yourself. Model the attention to detail and dedication to your own project. A mess is practically unavoidable, but it’s a good sign folks are doing things! Honor their efforts even if the results aren’t quite a “masterpiece” (or even recognizable). Ask questions about what they made and why they choose to do what they did. Finally, put their (and your) work on display for others to see and be inspired by.

Here are some recent creations:

Be Happy and Always Smile

DSCN8543 DSCN8547 DSCN8549 DSCN8560 DSCN8569Whew! It’s been a while since I last posted. Between the holidays and this cold, or flu, or whatever it is going around I’ve mostly been in nursing/recovery mode. The boys and  I do have a few crafting projects to share with you but that will have to be another day. For now here’s a reminder to Be Happy and Always Smile, brought to you by Molly!