Cold Hardy Veggies

The fall gardens are thriving, but it won’t be too long before the ground freezes. Until then I’m relishing every trip to the garden. Fresh (and free) veggies! I let the chickens into the gardens to help clean them up and give the top layer of soil a stir (to help kill off insects  that over winter there, like flea beetles). They did a surprisingly zealous job, pecking most of the greens down to the stems! It’s a trade-off I’m willing to pay. Still lots of carrots, celeriac, kale, beets and leeks to get in before it’s too late!


4 thoughts on “Cold Hardy Veggies

    • Thanks! The fall gardens do so well. Everything seems to grow smaller but crisper, greener, leaves. Last year was my first year planting for a fall garden now I’m planting for one every year! And all the work (besides harvesting) is done!

    • Thanks Aunt Nancy. I keep meaning to give Gina some but I always forget in the chaos of getting everyone in the car. Maybe next summer we’ll see you all and I’ll bring veggies for snacks & dinner!

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