Fall Garden Update

We got our first real frost last night, right on schedule (our average first frost date is 9/13). I was able to start cleaning out the garden this morning; with the huge tomato plants out of the way we can finally walk around a bit. Now I have a ton of green tomatoes!

I took these photos a few weeks ago, in part to help me draw up where I put everything this year. Soon I’ll be tallying just how much I harvested this year and planning out next year’s garden.




4 thoughts on “Fall Garden Update

  1. Amazing garden Liz! Wish we lived closer, nothing better than fresh veggies from the garden! Hope you are all well, miss you!

    • I’m excited about the carrots- this being my first time growing them, I wasn’t sure how they’d do. As you can see they’ve been growing well! The nantes are a tad shorter and the purple cosmic (from Bakers Creek) get a bit narrower at the end so all in all they’re pretty equal. The purple cosmic are beautiful and very tender!

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