Pick Your Own

The start of apple season is here! We have several old apple trees up along the stone wall. They’re in need of a pruning (something I need to look into) but, at least one of them has quite a few apples on it.  The best apples are way up high. If only we could reach them! For now the boys enjoy climbing up and grabbing the not quite so high bounty.

DSCN7622 DSCN7623 DSCN7626 DSCN7632I’ve always loved picking apples. These days I’m a bit more tied to the ground with a baby and all. Ezra become quite the tree climber this year. Noah is a bit more confident and can help Ezra figure out how to get down when he (now rarely) gets stuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ishi was up there with them next year!



3 thoughts on “Pick Your Own

  1. i think it is time to invest in a cider press – or perhaps JaJa and PaPa could lend you the one that is sitting down at the manse. Love – Zanzan

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