Slippers: Take 2

DSCN7811The Bed Ped slippers just weren’t looking right so I frogged them and started over. This time I’m using Grandma’s Knitted Slipper pattern. They’re knit flat with worsted weight yarn held double.

To be honest, I’m not sure which part of the slipper this is. Perhaps the toe?  The sole is knit separately and both pieces are sewn together.  I’m sure, with time, it will be apparent. For now I’m trusting the pattern and knitting on.


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Fall Garden Update

We got our first real frost last night, right on schedule (our average first frost date is 9/13). I was able to start cleaning out the garden this morning; with the huge tomato plants out of the way we can finally walk around a bit. Now I have a ton of green tomatoes!

I took these photos a few weeks ago, in part to help me draw up where I put everything this year. Soon I’ll be tallying just how much I harvested this year and planning out next year’s garden.



Pick Your Own

The start of apple season is here! We have several old apple trees up along the stone wall. They’re in need of a pruning (something I need to look into) but, at least one of them has quite a few apples on it.  The best apples are way up high. If only we could reach them! For now the boys enjoy climbing up and grabbing the not quite so high bounty.

DSCN7622 DSCN7623 DSCN7626 DSCN7632I’ve always loved picking apples. These days I’m a bit more tied to the ground with a baby and all. Ezra become quite the tree climber this year. Noah is a bit more confident and can help Ezra figure out how to get down when he (now rarely) gets stuck. I wouldn’t be surprised if Ishi was up there with them next year!


Wrapping Up The Summer

A few weeks ago we discovered a campground near us; so we took a family camping trip to try it out. Just in time too, the leaves are undeniably changing and the nights are cool enough that I need to close the windows most nights. Despite rain on our first day we still got in plenty of campfires and trips to the lake. The boys are already planning for next year….