Kid Tested And Approved

DSCN6201A few inches here, a few inches there…. and one kids belt is finished, tested, and approved! Noah noticed that the buckle has a built-in emergency whistle (also enthusiastically tested!). This kids version of the Slatt’s Rescue Weave belt contains a guesstimated 35 feet of camouflage cordage.

Two more belts to go. They’re in high demand around here! If you’d like to learn the Slatts Rescue Weave and/or how to start or finish a belt I recommend the Paracord Weavers youtube videos. Also TIAT (Tying It All Together) is another great resource. I have more ideas for projects than time to possibility make them all!


4 thoughts on “Kid Tested And Approved

  1. Very cool belt. Tell me if you have a potholder or two I can buy for your brother-in-law. Doesn’t have a potholder in his place. Question is what were the potholders used for?

    • Yes I do. Too bad I used up all the special liner material or I’d sew him his own. I have at least one spare- maybe two- but its not a mitt. Should I mail them down or will he be up in the area soon?

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