Hunker Down

Snow is on the way! Time to haul in some extra wood and locate all the snow shovels, sleds and dropped mittens. Not an easy task given how far and wide the boys roam. The goats won’t mind the extra snow; they like to jump the fence and play king of the mountain on the snow bank.

DSCN5720We’ll be hunkering down, wood stove ablazing – likely with the dutch oven on top, slow roasting a chunk of meat into tender perfection. With a new quilt and a stack of library books to see us through I think we’ll weather the storm just fine.

DSCN5786 DSCN5812 mossy_stone


4 thoughts on “Hunker Down

  1. Hmm, wonder if that storm is supposed to hit us too? It is near 50 today with sun. Two days of mud and I’m already tired of it – I’d take a fresh dusting to cover it up and make it pretty again!

    • Yesterday was beautiful 40F! Today not so much- we’re suppose to get 20 inches!!! While I’m not looking forward to the mess mud brings (or the mess the melted snow will uncover) I’m ready for winter to be over.

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