Ribbed Watchman’s Hat

Struggling_along finally has his hat! After studying a slew of hat patterns for men, many of them with interesting stitch patterns or cables, I went with what should have been the obvious choice: the ribbed watchman’s hat. Maybe it was obvious all along as I did have this pattern in my favorites for a LONG time. When knitting (or crafting in general) for others sometimes its hard to separate what appeals to you,the maker, from what the recipient would like. In this case no fancy stitches or cables, just a hat that serves its purpose – to keep his ears warm.


I used Cascade Yarns 220 Superwash (this means it’s machine washable) in color 888 or what we refer to as Olive Drab Green. This pattern can be knit flat or in the round. I went with flat because I didn’t have the right size double points. It works out fine although it does have a seam down the back. The seam isn’t very visible with the ribbed pattern but I’d rather it wasn’t there. Also, I did modify the pattern so it’s K1, P1 not K2, P2.


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