Hot Pads

Hot pads live a hard life, or at least they do in my kitchen. Stains, rips, thin or burnt(!) spots, are inevitable. I needed a few new hot pads so I decided to sew some. While I was at it I thought of a few friends and family on my gift list who might be able to use a set too. They spend their fair share of time in the kitchen cooking and baking. My boys guessed on the first try which hot pads were for who. So rather than completely give away their gifts I’ll share just the hot pads I made for my kitchen. The first two are just fabric scraps I like and then I made some to match my new apron.

I looked at this tutorial to get me going. The square ones are a cinch; the mitts are a tad more complicated but doable. Go ahead, get the sewing machine out, make your own kitchen a bit more festive this holiday season, or make a few new hot pads for the cooks in your life.


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7 thoughts on “Hot Pads

  1. Just made myself a new hot pad and oven mitt from the cluck, cluck fabric by Monalua. However, they aren’t quite thick enough for really hot items, so I have to double them up. What kind of lining did you use? I used natural cotton that was advertised for use as casserole dish covers.

    • Fun fabric (monalua)! I used some special hot pad lining material. It has a reflective surface that’s also padded. One side is more reflective and that side is suppose to face out- towards the hot surface. I wouldn’t mind the feel being a bit thicker. I suppose I could add another layer inside the mitt and do a double layer for the square pads. So far they work well. Only had one really hot (400+F) and heavy cast iron pan that I would have liked more insulation for.

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