Silver Wire Earrings {KCCO}

I started creating wire earrings quite a few years ago, around the time struggling_along and I got married. That’s 10 years now! I think I thought it would be interesting to learn how to turn some beads and wire in jewelry. Plus, I kept any earrings I wanted in the process. Somewhere along the way I decided to start selling them. I definitely remember selling wire jewelry while we where hitchhiking and traveling the west coast. A few years later, back on the east coast, we had Noah. Curious babes and tiny beads don’t mix well so the beads went up on a shelf and have mainly stayed there.

Oddly enough many things that seemed impossible with one child have become manageable with three. So when I recently found myself looking through my old beads it didn’t seem quite so daring, as it use to, to think I might make myself a few new ones.Using beads, wire and findings I already had I made eight new pairs. The photo below doesn’t show the nuisances in various beads but you’ll get the idea.

While I was at it I had to face the facts. I needed a new way to display all my earrings, so I could easily access them. I’ve tried jewelry boxes, tacking up fabric and using a picture frame lined with chicken wire, but it didn’t hold many and the earrings always seemed to be sliding around or falling off. Enter the large embroidery hoop. Covered with a piece of upcycled lace the earrings go in and out easily and the hoop keeps it just far enough from the wall that the wall doesn’t interfere. Additionally, it holds many pairs of earrings. Now to find a solution for my necklaces and bracelets and rings…..


the new additions

If you’re interested, here are some of the previous earrings I have made and wear regularly. The five in the upper right hand corner are earrings that are missing their mate. Eventually the missing earring will turn up so I just put them aside. At the bottom is one of the few bracelets I’ve made and one of my favorites.


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8 thoughts on “Silver Wire Earrings {KCCO}

  1. I conjured up a perfect display for necklaces in the small space between wall and door jamb, about 18″x 18″ long, inside my closet.. The top(think of a picture frame shape) is about 1/4″ off the wall, gradating to 3 1/2″ at the bottom covered with remnant velvet. The top contains the tiny cup hooks, two rows alternating, for hanging of necklaces, rings, and/or bracelets. The bottom 4 inches, also lined with velvet, however sponged,in which to stick pins or brooches. It is angled sufficiently so as not to interfere with anything in its’ vicinity. My camera is broken or I would have added a picture, but I think you get the idea. I personally love it and no more crammed jewelry boxes.( Aunt June).

  2. Good idea to store them. I used to love wearing earrings, similar to a lot of yours, but as I got older, my ears became sensitive and get sore and red when I wear earrings. I haven’t worn them in a year now and my holes have probably closed up. Though with a one year old now, long earrings would just be a liability anyway!

  3. Always loved your designs. We have to take a trip to Mascoma to the stone & bead place—it is amazing-red coral, jasper, all kinds of finelals and the price is right. We should look there for nickel free which is the element that many are allergic to. Let me know about a road trip, Jaja.

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