Over the Weekend

 We have made leaps and bounds of progress on the house!

The side of the house that the barn was up against had never been sided; the other three sides were in sore need of new siding.

Here’s before, after the barn was taken down:


Earlier this summer we had the gas line moved (it wrapped around three sides of the house) and struggling_along pulled away the old siding. There was a lot of patching, replacing and rebuilding. Now we are wrapping the house in new house wrap, adding a layer of insulation and topping it all of with newly treated board siding. While we are not done with all four sides what we have done looks much better and already the drafts are noticeably less.


(Below is the same side as the before photo above)



Yesterday we tackled the third side which required removing four huge windows. One was already broken and they were single pane glass so the heat loss through them was significant. My in-laws (struggling_along’s folks) have been journeying up to lend a hand on this massive undertaking. With their help we managed to complete the siding of two sides, remove all the windows and frame up new openings for the slightly smaller replacement windows. These windows will also open so we’ll have better ventilation in the warmer summer months.


Like all projects the actual doing takes about 3x’s as long as initially thought. Once we got into it we found all sorts of problems. Some were structural which we couldn’t do too much about. The previous owner/ builder definitely was not a professional. If it wasn’t built level, or correctly, you can’t really change that now. Then there was the damage from critters,namely ants, and rot from years of  water damage.


Noah was all about sucking up the ants and hibernating flies that were hiding in the framing. The deeper we went the worse it got.


Struggling_along tore all the bad boards away and rebuilt the framing and part of the mantle. His dad followed along measuring and cutting sheathing. By 8 o’clock that night we were stapling on house wrap by head lamp. Soon we’ll be popping the windows in and adding the insulation and siding. Great progress for a long work weekend!



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10 thoughts on “Over the Weekend

  1. It looks like great progress! We were sad that Johns schedule was so heavy, wanted to lend a hand. Maybe another project at another time. Got to talk to the boys this morning! Made my day, they are too cute! Love to all!

    • The boys loved talking with you too! Noah even drew your picture in his treasure box 🙂 I’m sure we’ll be in the midst of projects for quite a while – no shortages there! Sounds like John had quite the schedule- all those parties! That’s a LOT of food!

  2. Great picture of your boys. We live in an old farmhouse that we have been remodeling since we moved in 9 years ago. Last summer we had to tear down the woodstove room wood ceiling and put new insulation in. The old insulation that was there had been wet for a long time and when my husband pulled it down, there were big black ants everywhere. We were not as thrilled about vacuuming all those suckers up as your son was!

  3. Lord-we did it! I really don’t know how we got those giant pieces of glass out. More to do—we travel forward. It was fun to work with everyone. jaja

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