KCCO {Weaving A Slatt’s Rescue Belt}

 There aren’t many crafty projects I can make for struggling_along. Sure I knit him the obvious hat. I could knit him a sweater (although I admit I’m a bit intimated by the size and the chance that my gauge might not be just right and the whole thing will turn out wonky). Other than that there’s not much struggling_along wants or would wear.

Then we came across this idea of a belt. Woven out of paracord; it’s nearly indestructible and it also serves as EDC storage for nearly 100 ft of paracord. You can buy one online but they start at around 40 dollars. When I saw that I pretty much said “No way! I can make one” even though I’ve never woven anything but paper placements in grade school and those little hot pads. Doing my research I found basically three common methods of weaving belts (you can find a lot of how to videos on YouTube). I choose the Slatt’s Rescue weave because it’s the only one that you can pull the very end out and have useable cord instantly, without cutting, un-weaving or having only part of the belt useable. Also, there is no premeasured length so I just keep weaving until it’s the right length. Struggling_along can try it on to be sure and it’s not overly thick and bulky.

DSCN3415 DSCN3420

At first the weave can seem a bit confusing. You have to make loops and twist them the right way and tighten them down. However, you keep doing the same exact thing over and over so it quickly becomes routine. You can use your fingers only but I find that after a while pliers save the ends of your fingers from getting sore.

If you’re interested in learning the weave I recommend this video by TIAT:

For starting the belt on a buckle (with hidden ends) I like the paracord weaver’s video:

The paracord weaver also has another video on how to calculate just how much cordage your belt will contain.

These (above videos) are just what I used. There are a ton of how-to videos out there and you might find a different one easier to learn from. If you’re looking for paracord military surplus stores often carry loads of it. Our local surplus store has a wall full with just about every color under the rainbow. Of course you can also find it online.

I’m almost done!  Maybe an indestructible doormat next…




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3 thoughts on “KCCO {Weaving A Slatt’s Rescue Belt}

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  2. Huh, I never would have thought of a paracord belt. My youngest son told me recently that he would like a knit belt because his store bought ones “aggravate” him. He already owns a paracord bracelet, so maybe this would be just the thing. Thanks so much for sharing.

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