Les Chèvres

A window was knocked out in the goat barn. Really it was only a matter of time; goat hooves and glass windows don’t mix well. Coincidently the rest of the windows in the goat barn were already covered over with plywood when we brought the place. Hmmm. Luckily it’s a little too high for anyone to leap out to freedom. Although it was the frequency and number of heads poking out that caught my eye.

I quickly took a few photos, taking advantage of the rare lighting, before fixing the window. If you are wondering why the title says The Goats in French that’s because, even though I don’t actually know French, I like to talk to the goats in a mixture of English and “pretend” French. It just seems fitting. The goats with the horns are our bucks –  or Monsieur Manson and Monsieur Lenin.  The girls are Ellie and Rita (mother of Lenin). Ellie should be kidding this spring.





DSCN0608 DSCN0623



2 thoughts on “Les Chèvres

  1. Lovely pics of your goats. We spent the first weekend of the Easter holidays in a cottage on a farm in Devon and they had goats. My 5 year old daughter loved the seaside, ice cream, playing in Devon ‘fairy’ woods etc but what she came home saying was, “Can we have a goat – pleeeease!” These pics are very tempting.

    • Sounds like you had a wonderful time! A goat would be a great reminder 😉 Talk about personalities! They are very dog like- except you get milk too! We’re waiting for Ms. Ellie to kid- any day now! Thanks for stopping by!

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