KCCO/Yarn Along {Table Runner and a New Life for a Hat}

DSCN9435My Grandmother sent up this fabric and for some reason I envisioned it as a table runner so that’s what we did, my helpers and I.


DSCN9436It went together fairly quickly so we did a little work on what will one day be my new quilt. While we were digging through the fabrics we came across a hat I had knit a while back for the boys. Can you believe that’s Ezra?!

100_0084The hat brim had torn through and it needed a new life. So we fixed it:

DSCN9474DSCN9466A table runner, a “new” hat and two helpers who thought it was fun – definitely a good winter day!


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13 thoughts on “KCCO/Yarn Along {Table Runner and a New Life for a Hat}

  1. I love the patchwork table runner, it looks great, did your Grandmother make it? We have a pew seat cushion which I made from a piece that my husband’s grandmother had made during the war in a refugee camp, I like that it has history!

    • I thought of you and your embroidered table runner while we were making this runner- it must be coming along now, although it is a lot more involved than this one! As I’m sure you know I do have a weakness for fabric (and yarn and well general craft supplies) but I think I better use up some of my stash before it takes over the closet 😉

  2. Love your creativity – it’s pieces like this that fill me full of enthusiasm for making, before I remember quite how rubbish I am at knitting and sewing! We have a multicoloured crocheted patchwork throw (the sort that uses up lots of odd pieces of wool, made by my partner’s Granny) that gives our kitchen the sort of homely, homespun feel I like, while I limit my own making to very simple things.

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