Long ago….

img019Fried Farm in a previous, more glamorous 1000 acre cattle farm life. I received this postcard from the grandson of one of the early owners. He lived here as a boy; as you can imagine he is much older now. The house was burnt down in the 1970’s.


7 thoughts on “Long ago….

    • It was quite the place- in a book about the town the house is mentioned as being one of the nicest houses in the state- 18 bedrooms and all those outbuildings. Sadly the barn is all that is left and it was neglected for too long and will come down in the spring (before it falls on our house which is right up against/behind it). It was pretty neat to meet some one who lived here so long ago and remembers it like that. He was able to point out where things were and confirm that the cement pad we discovered while trying to put up fencing was the equipment shed- and there might be a surprise foundation hole or two lurking in the weeds! It was certainly a nice surprise!

        • Oh yes, I assumed you heard through the grape vine, one afternoon I was surprised to see an elderly white haired man heading for the door. Turns out he was the the grandson (as mentioned above); his father sold the place after his grandfather passed away. His wife of 50 yrs (!) was in the car, as she has trouble getting around, they live in Texas now.

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