The Three Little Pigs




Mercedes and Lexus


Mercedes (looking up) and Lexus (drinking milk)


Chevy’s current pig quarters.


Chevy enjoying his milk.




Chevy- he’s such a good boy!



2 thoughts on “The Three Little Pigs

  1. Your pig pen is so clean and tidy- how do you do it?? Our pigs tear up their area within hours of moving their pen. They root down into the earth over a foot deep, alllllll over their whole pen. And then that dirt gets all muddy from the rain/snow and their pee/poo. In no time at all it’s so gross and their legs sink down so deep in it we have to move the pen again. They drag all that wet mud-filth into their nice dry bedding area! I do prefer to give pigs the dirt they are designed to root around in- they adore doing it so much, but I can understand the temptation to keep them on concrete like most farms do!

    And wooo-eeee, the 4 of our piggies are stinky!

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