Just one more row….. {KCCO/Yarn Along}

I’m making good progress! Just a little more then I’ll shape the shoulders and the back will be done. We’ve been having some gorgeous fall weather so we’ve been trying to take advantage of it: going on hikes,  hanging as much laundry as I can process out in the sun, cleaning out the pig pen, prepping the compost bin for the worms come spring, trimming the goats’ hooves….a million and one things to before the snow is here to stay. That doesn’t leave much time for knitting (much less getting those dishes done). But I find that once dinner (and the dance party) is over, and I read the boys a book, or five, everyone settles down and I can get my knitting out. One by one the boys drift off to sleep and I tell myself “just one more row then I’ll go to bed….just one more row.”


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10 thoughts on “Just one more row….. {KCCO/Yarn Along}

    • This pullover is from the Knit Simple Magazine Spring/Summer 2010. I managed to find it online for free. I like your vest pattern. Those stripes are too cute- and great reasons for only 2 buttons!

    • It is too easy! I’m looking forward to getting a lot of crafting done this winter, but with all the projects I’d like to get done I’m not sure the snow will stick around long enough.

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