Crochet Rug {Yarn Along/ KCCO}

Fall is here.

A new rug only seems fitting. Not only to add a little handmade decor to our new house but also to provide another insulating  layer to the floor. This rug- made from old flannel sheets- is turning out nice and thick. I only hope I can make it as large as I’d like. It’s amazing how quickly so much fabric disappears each go-round. Somewhere I have another grey flannel  but where o’ where did I pack it?!


this post is part of Yarn Along and Keep Calm Crafting On

6 thoughts on “Crochet Rug {Yarn Along/ KCCO}

  1. Lovely photos, fall looks a little more advanced with you than here in the alps. I agree about rag rugs using up lots of material, I’m using old t-shirts for mine but have run out for the moment, so it’s on hold! Yours looks great.

    • It’s getting colder everyday. I think in about a week we’ll be at the peak foliage-wise. Your gonna need a lot of shirts. I plan on using 2 queen sized sets of sheets and I’m still not sure it’s going to be big enough. That’s a lot of fabric!

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