Salmon Salmon Salmon

Salmon are huge fish! While I love baking one whole- stuffed with lemon (either fresh or dehydrated slices or chopped preserved lemons) and dill (either fresh or dried)- there is always PLENTY of leftover salmon. What to do with all that fish?

Here are aĀ  few of my go to ideas:

Salmon Eggs Benedict- Top some salmon on a bed of spinach with an egg and Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce.

Salmon Rice Casserole- I tried this recipe.

Salmon Pattie/Burgers

Salmon burgers are pretty versatile. To keep it gluten free I use toasted gluten free bread slices for the sandwich and rice or breadcrumbs from a slice of gluten free bread for the filling. The burger above I mixed up with rice that was sauteed with onions, peas, an egg for binding, a touch of hot sauce, a little finely minced preserved lemon, salt and pepper, and curry powder.

I also mixed up a large batch based off of this recipe which incorporated cheddar cheese. I added minced preserved lemon, Dijon mustard, dill and sauteed some minced onion and garlic. It falls apart more easily than I like but, as several reviewers comment, you can bake them in the oven and avoid both breaking them while flipping and the frying mess. I preformed patties, froze them on a baking sheet then bagged them. Now all we have to do is pull a few out and bake them when we want an easy lunch. I always top mine with mayo. Sometimes I mix in a little herbs or lemon- adds great flavor and a little moisture.

Here are the uncooked preformed salmon patties ready to go into the freezer. They are about a third of a cup each.

So that’s what I usually do with leftover salmon. Any other ideas?


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12 thoughts on “Salmon Salmon Salmon

    • I’ve come to prefer the salmon to Canadian bacon when making eggs benedict. The sauce really compliments the fish. It’s very filling tho with all that protein. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!

  1. OH I am sooooooooooooo happy you posted this. I bought three large salmon because my Alaskan salmon dude is going to AK for the summer and I had to stock up. I had not idea how to manage that huge fish one I cooked it (there are just two of us!) Now I am happy that I took the dive and bought it. I am a whole salmon newbie.

    • Aren’t they enormous! You can also cut up the salmon into fillets or steaks but it takes a bit of work to get through the back bone. If the flavor of salmon is a bit strong lemon really helps to mellow it. Love to know how you use up your leftover cooked salmon…

      Oh and if you know someone who can smoke a fish for you it’s soooo worth it! No leftovers there.

  2. Greetings from Alaska! Found you on Pinterest (I follow Real Food Freaks) and thought I could give you some more ideas… since you asked. šŸ˜‰ My kids like to add leftover flakes of salmon to their nachos and quesadillas. If you mix some smoke flavor with the salmon it makes a great addition to a cream cheese dip or potato salad, especially with chives or a bit of red onion. We make a casserole with cooked potatoes similar to your rice casserole: make a flavorful white sauce to pour over salmon and potatoes in a casserole dish. Top with a mixture of grated cheddar, mayo, a bit of yellow mustard and a zip of worcestershire sauce and bake until bubbly and partly browned. Mix with mayo, onion, celery, grated cheddar, etc… to make a salmon salad, good for sandwiches but my favorite is to stuff it into half a red bell pepper! Or flake it on top of a big green salad to make it into a light meal.

    • Thank You!!!! What great ideas. I LOVE smoked salmon but never thought to just add some smoke flavor. I’m gonna have to try your potato version and the stuffed pepper too (they’re my new favorite veggie). Thanks so much for sharing!

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