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Moving Sweater- Complete! {Yarn Along/KCCO}

Last week I finished my second oatmeal pullover. I began this one right after we found out we were moving (cause ya gotta have a project when your in the middle of moving). It’s come in handy during long scouting drives (once all the kids stop fighting/fussing and fall asleep) and fittingly I’ve finished it just as we’ve entered into an agreement on what I hope to soon introduce to you all as our new digs. I dare not say more now as we have had worst (or maybe best from were we stand now) luck with real estate and I’d hate to jinx myself now.

Once again the sweater came out great. Last time I shortened it a bit – which I did not do this time. The only changes I’ll probably make in the future  would be to make the neck just a tad less wide and maybe add an inch or two in length.

I also finished the child-sized raglan. Once of these days we’ll be dyeing it along with, hopefully, Noah’s raglan- which I just began. Speaking of Noah, he took all of these lovely photos. Thanks Noah!


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Foraging Blossom Jelly

The boys are constantly picking flowers in that enthusiastic way little kids have. Amongst the plethora of flowers I started thinking maybe we should take advantage of this and make something….then I saw a post showing how violets start out as a dark blue infusion but the infusion “magically” transforms into a brilliant purple when lemon juice is added. Sounds like fun and even if the jelly wasn’t a hit at least we’d have a little experiment to do. Hence this:

turned into this:

The process is simple- cover the petals in an equal amount of boiled water and let sit for several hours or in the fridge overnight. I used a cup of petals for the violet and apple jellies and a half of a cup of petals for the dandelion. Strain and add lemon or lime juice, sugar and pectin. Cook as you would for any jelly/ follow your pectin’s instructions. I used Pomona pectin.Basically use the petal water/infusion as if it were juice.

My gift bearers/ helpers turned into eager taste testers. They wanted to eat the whole thing like a bowl of jello (BTW-that’s actually a second jar that was only partly filled).

It was so good ( delicate and decidedly floral) I started pondering “what other blossoms could we try and will they look and taste as awesome?” Two obvious potentials were dandelions and apple blossoms. I had made some really good apple peel jelly before but blossoms would be even easier and they’re free.

I was hoping the dandelion jelly would be a brilliant yellow but once I started the infusion I stopped worrying about the color and started just hoping it wouldn’t taste awful. Even though I cut the green part off the dandelion blossoms started smelling like cooked spinach the second the boiling water hit them.I almost didn’t even try it out but I figured a half mini batch wouldn’t be too big a waste and at least we’d have tried it. It was actually really good.

The apple blossoms smelled wonderful- almost rose like. The petals turned, unsurprisingly, brown. It tastes like apple jelly but just a touch flowery too. Here they are lined up left to right: dandelion, violet, and apple blossom.

Hmm I wonder how hibiscus jelly would taste….


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Salmon Salmon Salmon

Salmon are huge fish! While I love baking one whole- stuffed with lemon (either fresh or dehydrated slices or chopped preserved lemons) and dill (either fresh or dried)- there is always PLENTY of leftover salmon. What to do with all that fish?

Here are a  few of my go to ideas:

Salmon Eggs Benedict- Top some salmon on a bed of spinach with an egg and Hollandaise or Bearnaise sauce.

Salmon Rice Casserole- I tried this recipe.

Salmon Pattie/Burgers

Salmon burgers are pretty versatile. To keep it gluten free I use toasted gluten free bread slices for the sandwich and rice or breadcrumbs from a slice of gluten free bread for the filling. The burger above I mixed up with rice that was sauteed with onions, peas, an egg for binding, a touch of hot sauce, a little finely minced preserved lemon, salt and pepper, and curry powder.

I also mixed up a large batch based off of this recipe which incorporated cheddar cheese. I added minced preserved lemon, Dijon mustard, dill and sauteed some minced onion and garlic. It falls apart more easily than I like but, as several reviewers comment, you can bake them in the oven and avoid both breaking them while flipping and the frying mess. I preformed patties, froze them on a baking sheet then bagged them. Now all we have to do is pull a few out and bake them when we want an easy lunch. I always top mine with mayo. Sometimes I mix in a little herbs or lemon- adds great flavor and a little moisture.

Here are the uncooked preformed salmon patties ready to go into the freezer. They are about a third of a cup each.

So that’s what I usually do with leftover salmon. Any other ideas?


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