In the Kitchen :: Nourishment

Each morning, after a cup of tea, I don my insulated overalls and a bundled baby in a back carrier and make my way down to the goat barn.  How lucky we are that each morning we can harvest a few free ranged eggs and a quart or two of fresh raw goats milk. After several months without either these basic staples they feel all the more luxurious- especially when these simple ingredients are transformed into decadent puddings, custards, french toast and omelets. Snacking on fresh homemade cheese and deviled eggs (yummy with mango chutney…) feels like a treat. And since we’re getting all that important calcium and protein we might as well indulge.

Here are a few of our favorites from the past week:

Peanut butter Chocolate Chip Cookies (with a tall glass of milk of course)

Pudding has been a huge favorite- rice pudding and especially the leftover queen’s butterscotch pudding. I don’t have any scotch so we’ve just been adding extra vanilla. Noah has declared this his favorite.

photo from the leftover queen- click on photo to go there

It’s been exciting to be making cheese from our own goat’s milk,this one is just a simple cheese made by heating milk and adding an acid like vinegar or lemon juice.

And, while these are neither eggs nor dairy I have to tell you about these fermented fries. Oh my are they delicious. Everyone LOVED these. The hardest part is waiting the 3 days they take to ferment. We’re pretty much starting a new batch as soon as the first one is done. I don’t have any tallow right now so I’ve been frying them up in bacon drippings. Sorry no pics of the fries finished- they were devoured too quickly but here’s one of them fermenting. Notice the air lock cap, these can’t be fermented in an open crock (click on the link to go to for the explanation).

Now if I could only find a ketchup recipe that actually tastes like ketchup….


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12 thoughts on “In the Kitchen :: Nourishment

  1. yeah Liz!!! you just made me so hungry. I need to make fermented fries. what do you ferment them in, whey? mmmmmMMMMMMMMMMmmmm…. missing eggs though, hoping Zoe outgrows that allergy. much love to you guys, I miss you & love your blog 🙂

    • Julia! No eggs- oh the wonderful things eggs are in- how are you managing?!
      The fermented fries are soo good. They’ve got that taste that, until now, I thought only fast food places have. They’re fermented with just salt (and water). I wish they were mailable!

  2. Oh, the fermented french fries sound wonderful! I never thought I would need an airlock cap, but now I can see that indeed this is a necessity. Thanks for sharing at the Homestead Blog Hop.

    By the way, have you made mozzarella out of your goat milk yet? It is divine. We eat while it’s still warm, just after stretching.

    • I’ve made mozzarella but not yet out of goat milk I can see how it would be divine. I noticed the cheese I have made from goat milk to have a great texture- made me think of mozzarella in fact!

    • You just heat the milk (but not boiling) then add a little vinegar or lemon juice. You should see the curds and whey start to separate. If the whey still looks milky after a few minutes add a little more vinegar or lemon juice. Then strain the curds out and let drip. I have better results with vinegar. It doesn’t take too much tho.

  3. You have had some delicious things going on in your kitchen! We are in the process of buying a house and I am hoping to add chickens and a goat to our menagerie. I love cheese and yogurt made with goat milk

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