In the Kitchen:: Let Sit

I thought I’d share what’s in the jars this week:

First an update photo: Here’s the Apple Cider Vinegar with a new mother starting to grow. This is about 3 days in. The old mother drifted off to the bottom this time (although it has since floated back up to the top).

And here’s this week’s collection- fermenting meyer lemons (are meyer lemons really that much different better than regular lemons? Yes!), ACV, and, in the front, dairy wise we’ve got kefir, sour cream, buttermilk, and buttermilk starter.

See that crack starting there? With the whey starting to separate? That’s how I know when the kefir is ready.

Also sitting in the kitchen- a new batch of vanilla extract. These were some fresh vanilla beans- so soft, fragrant and easy to scrape.

Now we just let them sit.


4 thoughts on “In the Kitchen:: Let Sit

  1. Now all these jars look great. I’ve made yogurt and creme fraiche, but would definitely like to try my hand at kefir and sour cream and the others you mentioned. It’s so satisfying making things by hand. Do you have certain recipes or books where you got the information from? And with some of the dairy, do you let it sit in the fridge or at room temp?

    • I found GNOWFGLINS’s ecourse on culturing dairy very helpful. I also looked through a few books to see how things were made and figure out which cultures would be the most helpful and useful to me while not being overwhelming in number either. Buttermilk is very handy cause you can use the same starter for buttermilk, sour cream, butter, and you can use some in whip cream too. I normally also have villi yogurt going too. All of the culturing is done at room temp for about 24 hrs but then I move it to the fridge to slow the fermenting down. Occasionally if I have a small enough batch going I might use it up and just start a new batch.

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