So here’s cool experiment for little ones: Dilute as much borax as possible into hot water. Suspend some pipe cleaners and let sit over night. I had the kids make shapes and tie the string on  the pipe cleaners since this experiment requires that the adult does most of the hands on work.

The next day:

Feel free to explain things like solutions, saturation points etc or just marvel at the “magic”.


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5 thoughts on “Crystals

  1. Making crystals is one of the most fun science experiments for young kids. I love the idea of putting pipe cleaners into the solution for the crystals to cling to.

    Visiting you from the Science Sunday blog hop.

  2. I’ve got borax to do that, and still haven’t done that. Sigh, hopefully soon I’ll do that. I certainly have the supplies.

    Thanks for linking up to Science Sunday!

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