Squash! Saving Seeds

Acorn Squash

Winter squash is now In Season! I love winter squash, particularly those of the acorn or butternut variety. And pumpkin too, of course.

Squash are awesome because 1) they grow great (and slugs don’t eat them) 2) they have a long shelf life 3) they are versatile (roast, soups, mashed,pie,pancakes….) 4) they produce a ton of seeds.

Seeds from half an acorn squash.

And seeds are awesome because not only can you roast and eat them- you can save them to plant next year. Squash seeds are super easy to save too. Basically you just need to pull them out and lay them in a single layer to dry. Removing all chunks of squash to prevent mold. You can rinse them so they’re all nice and clean but I’ve found it doesn’t make a difference. Once dry I stick them in an envelope. For longer seed life stick the envelope in the freezer.

A great book about seed saving is Seed to Seed. Gorgeous photos too.

Seed to seed: seed saving and growing techniques for vegetable gardeners by Suzanne Ashworth

 What’s your favorite way to prepare squash?


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