Sourdough Starter- Rehydrating – Part 1

This summer got too hot to use the stove unless absolutely necessary. I didn’t even think about turning on the oven. And so my sourdough starter sat in the fridge till finally it was just so old I had to throw it out. Now that the cooler weather has returned I’m feeling thankful I dehydrated some starter back when it was plentiful.


Here it is broken up.  There’s about a cupful. You can start with less. I just used half of what I had dried.

I added warm water and let soften.


After several hours I stirred in some flour to thicken/feed it. There’s no need to wait hours, I was just busy doing other stuff.

Stir to thicken

Now I’ll let it sit till I see some activity or for about 12 hours (whichever comes first) and then I’ll feed it.

I use whole wheat flour that I grind but store flour will work just as well- although the amount of water added will change.

I will post Part Two and a post about which grain mill I have/how I grind my grains soon.


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9 thoughts on “Sourdough Starter- Rehydrating – Part 1

  1. NEAT! I had no idea that you could do that! How long can you keep the starter in dehydrated form? My starter was looking a little “sad” but I took extra care of it the past couple of weeks to make it “happy” again!

  2. I am just starting out with sourdough and found you thru Fight Back Friday. I have a starter that I order from Cultures For Health. I am guessing that it is dehydrated also. I have had the box for a few months. Thanks for giving me the push to start it!!

    • I love Cultures for Health. I’ve had great results with their dairy cultures. This is a great season to get into sourdough! Something about the cool weather just makes me want to bake a loaf and slather it with butter yum!

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  4. Just wondering if yours is a wild yeast sourdough or made with store bought yeast. Next, did you dehydrate yours in a dehydrator? If so, at what temperature? Also curious if it could be used powdered like yeast without letting it set for days. I might try it.

    • Mine was a wild yeast. I did use my dehydrator but I don’t remember what temperature tho.Really low. I don’t think it would work like a powered yeast. It’s more of a dehydrated starter.

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