what starts with m? math? or was that muffins?

Can numbers be any more fun than when baking? Or more rewarding?!

  I don’t think so either.  And it makes for a delicious breakfast.

The hardest part, really, was standing back and letting the kids do it.

Whee! Flour Everywhere!

Quality Control

Pour It

Stir It!

Bake It! This is where I come in.

Fresh Out of the Oven (Photo by Noah)

They came out great! Clean up with 3 people was a snap. They even wanted to wash the dishes but I had cabbage soaking. Next time.

From what I’ve overheard next time sounds like  pumpkin. But pumpkin what? Pie? Muffins? Cheesecake? Soup? Oh the possibilities.


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6 thoughts on “what starts with m? math? or was that muffins?

    • I would have but they only lasted about 2 hours lol. Then I was going to invite you over for halloween cookies but the goats got out while they were in the oven so I ended up over baking them 😦

  1. Now that’s my kind of maths lesson! We’ve been having fun with numbers in a similar way around here this week. I love how easily they understand real-life mathematical concepts. Even better if you get to eat said concepts 😉

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