Pom-Pom Poncho




I knit Molly this Pom- Pom Poncho over this past winter; at first it was too big, then it was too hot for over the summer, now it’s just right!

The pattern is from Heirloom Baby Knits by Deborah Newton. I’ve got another pattern from the book (Pumpkin Pie) on the needles while I still have a baby to knit for. As for the yarn, I’m pretty sure I used Cascade Yarn but it’s been a while and I forgot to input the info on to my project page on Ravelry as I usually do.




We’re having computer difficulties but I think I’ve figured out another way to get back to posting here on Mossgrownstone. These photos are from earlier this fall/end of summer when we got some fishing in. Everyone caught some fish this summer and Struggling_along, Noah and I all caught at least one big enough that we ate it!

In other news, I’ve opened an etsy shop where I’ll be listing various handmade items. Right now I have several knits and some earrings available. There is a new page, in the black bar above titled “Shop”, where you can find the link, as well as here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/Mossgrownstone.



Over the Summer {Garden 2015}

The last time I posted about the garden seeds were just sprouting! We’ve had a full summer and a few frosts since. Only the hardy greens are left; the end of the season always revives my appreciation of having fresh veggies right outside the door. With the coolers temps here stews and braises are a welcome way to use those veggies too!


More Time In Tents

Here are a few photos from our last two camp outs, which were both back in July. I also forgot to mention that some of the photos (from these recent camping trips) were taken by struggling_along, including these gorgeous ones from up top the nearby mountains, and of course, the ones with me in them!

More recently we have been working on the home front so expect a post on the garden, the animals, etc. soon.



DSCN9878  DSCN9881


I’m a bit behind on posting. After our most recent camping trip (photos coming soon(ish)) I misplaced my camera while unpacking so I didn’t have access to any of the photos I took. Happily, I found my camera and I’m happy to finally introduce you to our sheep!

We found a local breeder of Coopworth sheep and decided to get 2 adult ewes and their lambs, a ewe and two ram lambs. Since I don’t need two, related, rams I’ve banded them so we’ll have two friendly wethers with fine coats of wool.

This is Wub-wub, mother to white ewe lamb, Ought.


And Ippi, mother to the two ram lambs, (white) Faba, and (black) Donka.




DSCN9417I meant to post this over a week ago, before we went camping. Now that we’re back, and past the last frost date, it’s time for a second round of planting (after it stops raining!). A quick peek in the garden revealed that the seedlings are growing so fast you can almost watch them unfurling their leaves.DSCN9414The same lettuce (Black Seeded Simpson), just days later. You should see them now!

DSCN9533Carrots (scarlet Nantes ), and (edible pod) peas along the fence line for support….

DSCN9531DSCN9535                            A couple of mysteries sprouted up too, like this bunch of ?. At first, I wondered what they could be, I certainly wouldn’t plant so many seeds so close together. Then I recognized them….radishes, ah ha the kids planted those!DSCN9425Yay, the rhubarb crown made it through the winter! I’m looking forward to getting a few perennials growing around here. No sign of the asparagus yet, but I’ve read that their germination is quite slow and can be spotty.

DSCN9530Now to upload those camping photos….